Make it Yourself: Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee

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The Blue Bottle hype is real. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Blue Bottle in my little area of Boston so I get it very infrequently. When I was in San Francisco and there was one right next to my hotel, I was sipping a New Orleans EVERY afternoon, so as you can imagine, I was having withdrawal symptoms when I got home.

Fortunately for you (and for me) I figured out how to make it yourself (MIY) using Cafe du Monde coffee that I bought on Amazon. The whole defining factor of the New Orleans iced coffee is that they brew the coffee with Chicory, so when I searched online for “coffee with chicory” the Cafe du Monde coffee was instantly the first to pop up. (It also gets 4.5 stars on Amazon)


I cold-brew my coffee in a french press, so I take 3-4 scoops of the Cafe du Monde coffee, add it to my french press, add cold water to the top and then let it brew in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Usually I’ll make the coffee the night before so this is pretty easy.

At Blue Bottle, they use simple syrup, but I prefer to use Stevia to keep it sugar-free and a little healthier. I use the vanilla flavored stevia drops from Sweet Leaf. You only need a few drops since they are super strong!

In the traditional New Orleans at Blue Bottle, they use organic whole milk, but I substitute with oat milk because in my opinion, it’s the creamiest and the thickest and cuts the potency really nicely.

And there you have it. The can of Cafe du Monde coffee costs less than $8.00 and a New Orleans at Blue Bottle costs around $4.00 - so you are not only saving money but saving time too with this hack!

Dana halsey