My Favorite High-Waisted Bikinis

I hate low rise bikinis. I always have. I’ve never enjoyed wearing bikinis and I’ve always had a body shape that I thought was just not meant for bikini-wearing. I had accepted the one-piece life until behold: the high waisted bikini came back in style. Below are some of my favorites!


OMKAGI two piece swimsuit -

This suit gets 4.5 stars on Amazon which is honestly the reason why I decided to buy it, and I’m SO happy that I did. It is super flattering, and it doesn’t feel cheap. It comes in a ton of different colors and patterns and the kicker: it’s $21.99.


Coastal Blue high-waisted bottoms:

These I also found on Amazon last summer and they were one of my faves. These are more full coverage in the back for those who don’t like wedgies. I paired these bottoms with a regular red top and it was perfect for the fourth of July!


L Space Frenchi Bottom

These are my favorites, but they are the more expensive option for sure. I found these on sale on Amazon but normally they are upwards of $100. Honestly, I’ve learned in the past that if it fits, it’s worth it. I’ve suffered enough summers of ill-fitting swimsuits to confidently say that I’d spend $100 on a bikini if it fits and makes me feel comfortable. These are super flattering, high cut, and a little higher quality obviously for the price.

Dana halsey