About dana

I went on my first diet in seventh grade. I heard somewhere that the Olsen twins only ate fruits, nuts and seeds so I only ate fruit, nuts and seeds. That is, until my mom intervened (thank you, Mom).

I bought diet pills on eBay in 8th grade and hid them under my bed. I counted myself out of any summer activity that required me to be in a bathing suit. I cut pictures of celebrities out of magazines and wished that I could look like them.

In high school, college, and well beyond I continued to be self-conscious, wondering why I didn’t have a fast metabolism and why I couldn’t eat like my friends who could stay stick thin and post bikini pictures on Facebook and Instagram with confidence.

It’s taken 27 years for me to get to where I’m at today and honestly sometimes I think it’s not far enough. I still dread being in a bathing suit, I click on articles online that promise weight loss, and I still try fad diets with no avail. I wish I could say I’ve given up but I’m still absolutely consumed with weight-loss culture.

However, I’m healthier than ever, feel better than ever, and am realizing that in order to figure out what works for me, I need to stop paying attention to what works for other people.

In a world submersed in social media and over-sharing, it’s hard to drown out the chatter that says “KETO WORKS FOR EVERYONE” … (I’ll tell you, it doesn’t).

Two years ago, I became a Holistic Health Coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition but to be honest, I didn’t want to be a health coach that started their day out on Instagram saying “hey guys… just whipping up a fresh batch of chia pudding made with my own homemade almond milk!” That’s not me, and that’s not what I wanted to do.

Hopefully, this blog will be a place where I can get real and tell you what’s up without sugar coating or making it seem like I have my shit together because sometimes… I don’t. I still look in the mirror and hate my legs, I grab the fat on my stomach and curse it silently, I eat chips on the weekend that aren’t organic, and I don’t exercise every single day.

Questions and comments? Email me at halsey.dana@gmail.com!